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Buffalo/Alpaca yarn is a two ply 50% bison down / 50% superfine alpaca that comes in 200 yd skeins. Sport Weight or lace weight available in cinnamon brown. $65

Superfine alpaca is sourced from Switzerland Alpaca, Phil and Chris Switzer, premier breeders and founders of the alpaca and paco vicuna industries in the USA.

-Buffalo/Cormo yarn is is two ply 50% bison down/50% superfine cormo wool. Each sport weight skein is 200 yds. This yarn is a beautiful medium heather brown. $65

-Buffalo/bamboo/merino yarn is a two ply lace weight yarn that is a deep chocolate brown. 75% bison down, 15% bamboo, and 10% merino in a 200 yard skein. $65

-Buffalo and silk yarn. 75% bison fibers/25% bombyx silk top. A tightly spun 2 ply yarn that is good for knitting that won’t be directly touching the skin as it contains some of the coarser bison fibers. Great for purses and bags, placemats, or for tapestry weaving. $28


50% bison fibers / 50% wool, 1 lb of fiber in each 3’ x 4’ piece. $65

100% bison fiber felt, 1 lb of fiber in each 3’ x 4 ‘ piece. $90