Cooking Tips

Grilling Steaks: tenderloin, ribeye, NY strip, Porter, T-bone, sirloin, and chuck tender steaks.
Grill over medium hot coals(300 ): Rare 6-8 min. Medium 8-12 min.
Flank and Flat iron steak: grill 5 minutes per side, let meat rest 5 minutes, and slice against the grain.
Fajitas: marinate fajita strips, brown, and simmer for an hour or put in the crock-pot on low for 4 hours.

Roasts: chuck roast and sirloin tip roast are best cooked in the oven in a heavy roasting pan with a good lid. Make sure your pan just fits the roast and any vegetables you add. If your roasting pan is too large and there is extra space around the meat, it will dry out during cooking. Top Round Roast does best in the crock pot all day on low. Make sure your roast is completely thawed before putting it into a crock-pot. Brisket: Grass fed brisket is very lean and comes without fat cover. Marinate overnight and then add liquid and wrap tightly in heavy foil and cook on low heat 250 to 275 for at least 5 hours. If you like to smoke brisket, place brisket in smoker and smoke with one pan of chips. Place the brisket in foil with liquid and wrap tightly and finish cooking- 5 hours minimum.

Bison patties: ¼ lb patties cook very quickly. 4 minutes per side on the grill or 5 minutes total on a “George Foreman®” style indoor grill.

Beef Patties: ¼ lb patties cook quickly . 5 minutes per side on the grill.

Bison and Beef sausage links: Our sausages are 90% lean. Grill over medium heat 15 minutes and then let rest 5 minutes before serving.