The Fort Collins Food Co-Operative is your naturally local grocer's market. The Coop seeks to serve all those in our community who want to support their local circle of profit through buying locally sourced grocery items. Anyone can shop at the Coop, the member-owner structure simply exists to reinforce a local circle of profit by sharing the profits of the Coop amongst its member-owners.

The Coop is a place where people can reconnect with their food. This is a place built on understanding what we are consuming and why. These ideas grew out of a buying club started by CSU students and community members in the early 1970's.

Our staff, our business plan and our marketing strategies have evolved over the years, but our core values have remained the same since day one. It is still our goal to offer the best possible selection of locally grown and produced goods, as well as organic products.

The ideas of the Coop all come from the people who started the buying club in the 1970's, the community, volunteers, the people who shop once to those who are in every day, farmers and producers, local businesses and restaurants who buy from us, and from the greater need to create a more positive connection between people and their local community. These ideas were not surfaced by one person or individual; they came from a long history of people seeking out a space where they could together make a difference in their health, local economy and community. The Coop and its members hope to be a part of a larger, long term movement to promote healthy living through a stronger connection to a local economy.