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Bison is a healthy red meat that is a high quality protein filled with iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorous, and the B-complex vitamins.

When you choose grass-fed bison, you are getting more nutritional benefits. Meat from pasture raised bison has less overall fat and cholesterol, fewer calories and fewer omega-6 fatty acids than grain-fed bison. The meat has more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), beta-carotene, Vitamin E and omega-3’s than grain fed bison.

Is grass-fed meat tender? Many people assume that the amount of marbling in bison or beef determines it tenderness. Marbling only accounts for 10% of the variability of meat tenderness, while genetics account for at least 30%. The rest of the variability is due to location of the cut (loin or shoulder), the age and sex of the animal, and the stress level of the animal prior to slaughter. Tenderness can also be increased by dry-aging the carcass. In dry-aging, the whole carcass is held at a temperature just above freezing for one week or more. At High Point Bison we take great care to maximize these tenderness factors to provide a consistently flavorful, tender, and healthy product.

The American Heart Association recommends bison as a part of a heart healthy diet and Reader’s Digest suggests that it is one of the top 5 foods that women should eat because it is high in iron and low in calories and fat.

Our History.

High Point Bison is owned and operated by Glen and Jill Klawonn. This third generation family farm began in 1924 when Carl and Alma Klawonn left Stanton County, Nebraska and headed west to settle south of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, where they purchased the land from the original homesteaders. They raised dryland wheat, corn, hay, beef and dairy cows, pigs, chickens and also sold cream, milk, and eggs as cash crops. These crops were delivered by a team of horses and wagon 16 miles north to Pine Bluffs. Carl’s son Melvin and his wife Verla then continued the farming and ranching operation until 1989 when Melvin’s son, Glen, began to oversee the operation. He continued to raise wheat, hay, and beef cattle.

In 1995 Glen added a new enterprise – bison. With the bison, Glen was better able to utilize the native prairie grasses in a more natural and sustainable way. In 1999 Glen married the love of his life, Jill. Together they began building the bison meat business. Glen and Jill’s son Carl is now the fourth generation on the farm and enjoys helping with meat deliveries and daily activities on the farm.

Today High Point Bison is still a family run operation offering a complete line of frozen natural grass-fed, grass finished bison and beef including steaks, roasts, ground, and sausages. All the meat we sell is raised on our ranch. Our family is committed to sustainably raising livestock and providing the consumer with high quality locally produced and marketed products.

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